Business Resources

Below are a variety of local, state and national business resources available to the employer on the Internet.

  • Employment & Training Division
    Assistance with job placement, hiring, screening, interviewing training, tax incentives, and subsidized employment. Contact 707-441-4652 for more information.
  • Department of Industrial Relations
    California Labor Laws
  • Employment Development Department Services for Employers
    Employer Advisory Council & its seminars; employment tax information such as forums, filing tax returns, small business assistance; recruitment & referral services; unemployment insurance; disability information; labor market information including typical wages; hiring tax credits.
  • Northcoast Prosperity
    The Northcoast Prosperity Network brings together key business service providers who have integrated their operations to maximize the efficiency and range of services available to local businesses and Industry Clusters.
  • Social Security Administration
    Visit Social Security's Web site for assistance with verifying Social Security numbers, for answers to general questions about W-2 filing, for answers to questions about selling items to Social Security, for Social Security Employer Services Online, for help with registering, and for online wage reporting services.
  • U.S. Small Business Administration
    The U.S. Small Business Administration provides financial, technical and management assistance to help Americans start, run, and grow their businesses.
  • California Chamber of Commerce
    The Chamber web site offers California-specific information to help you comply with complex regulations and laws, as well as small business and other assistance.
  • California Professional & Business License Handbook
    The California Professional & Business License Handbook is an online reference guide with state licenses, permits, registrations, and certifications required by law to do business in California.
  • StartUp Biz
    This site offers a complete set of resources for people who want to start a business or develop an idea.