Hiring Incentives

When it comes to employment in Humboldt County, two things you often hear are "it's hard to find good jobs around here," and "it's hard to find good employees around here." Luckily, we've found that things aren't that bad, and there are several programs that make the employment picture rosier for everyone.

An excellent example is the Subsidized Employment program. You're probably thinking "Great. Another government-subsidized nightmare..." Don't let the name fool you. Subsidized Employment can be an incredible asset to both employers and job seekers, and we should know -- some of our most productive employees have come through this very program. Get more details about Subsidized Employment.

Another way to save money for your business is through Tax Credit programs. These programs offer employers significant tax credits for hiring job seekers whose circumstances make it difficult for them to find employment. For employers this means two things: Not only do you receive the financial benefits of these programs, you also get to choose from a motivated, wide-ranging pool of applicants. Click here to see how your business can qualify!