Applications & Resumes

Almost every job will require you fill out an employment application form. Make a master application so you have all the information you may need in once place. Copy the information from it each time you fill out an application. Fill all job applications out neatly and correctly. Employers will want to know that you are responsible and that you care about your work.

Here is a sample Master Application to print and fill out.

General Resume Advice

  • Build your resume to fit the job you are applying for
  • Keep it concise
  • Be descriptive, give examples
  • Be honest
  • Be specific
  • Make it easy to read
  • Use skills learned while volunteering if you have little or no work experience


Cover Letters

A cover letter introduces you to an individual employer. A well-crafted cover letter that focuses on the specific job you are applying for can help get you an interview. As a youth, you may want to describe your career interests or explain why you want to work for that employer. Guidelines:

  • Introduce yourself and your reason for writing.
  • Say exactly what position you are interested in and why.
  • Connect your interest in the job to an experience you have had.
  • Sell your skills.
  • Briefly list your skills that most address the employer's needs.
  • Thank the employer for their time and indicate when and how you will contact them next.