Getting the Job

With all the new technologies and resources available, job searches aren't just about the classifieds anymore. Try to use as many different resources as you can to widen your job search!

Network! Tell everyone you know that you're job hunting. Over half of the people who find jobs get them through referrals! Act on every tip you get. If you want a job, make it known.

Use the Internet

Check out the classified ads  Buy a newspaper, or save money by searching the classified ads online -- most newspapers have free websites. Copies of the Times-Standard daily help-wanted classifieds are available at all Job Market locations.

Search through the extensive job listings at the Job Market We keep State, City, County, Educational, Non-Profit, and other job listings on hand.

Contact private employment agencies  These agencies can place you in temporary or permanent positions, and are often a great way to get your foot in the door.

Find out about specialized employment services to meet the needs of specific jobseekers.

Once you've found the job you want to apply for, make sure your first impression is the right impression by checking out our sections on résumés and interviewing!