An interview is an individual meeting with the employer where they will assess your skills and your suitability for the job. Usually you will be asked 5-10 questions. Being prepared is the best way to succeed on an interview!

  • Dress to Impress -- A well-groomed, neat and clean appearance is a must at an interview. Dress conservatively and be confident.
  • Make a Good Impression -- Be on time! Try to be positive and personable. Show that you want the job by your interest and enthusiasm.
  • End the interview with a handshake and a "thank you".

Sample Interview Questions

The following are some common questions an employer might ask during an interview. If you would like help practicing for your interview, get in touch with the Youth Employment Opportunity Program at The Job Market.

"Tell me about yourself."

Briefly sum up your education, your skills, and your professional goals. You may want to include work-related personal qualities, such as being punctual or dependable.

"Why do you want to work here?"

Show your interest in the company by sharing what you know about the company and relating this to your skills. It helps to research the company before your interview.

"What are your best skills?"

List the skills you feel the company will value. Be sure to use skills you learned while volunteering or through life experiences.

"What is your major weakness?"

Choose a weakness that you have overcome, then explain the weakness and what strategy you used. Example; "I'm really shy, but I focus on being helpful to the customer, and then it's easy to put shyness aside.".


A thank-you letter after the interview can be just the extra touch to get you a job. Mail it, or drop it by, the same day or very soon afterwards.