What to Look For

Choosing the Right Career

A lot of people will give you advice, but ultimately, what kind of job you decide is best for you depends a lot on who you are. Sure, money is a factor, but your happiness on the job is determined by whether you like what you're doing.

  • Career Toolbox This site offers two tests to assist with career exploration.
  • Careerzone Knowing your unique combination of interests can assist you in determining jobs that suit you best.
  • The Princeton Review Career Quiz is just what you need to help stop agonizing and start discovering the careers that match your personal style and interests.
  • The Kiersey-Bates Temperament Sorter offers both a brief character and temperament sorter and a description of the results.

What kind of work is that? There are probably a lot of jobs out there that you didn't even know existed. Knowing more about your field of interest can expand your possibilities.

ONET, or Occupational Network on the web, has a huge collection of occupational information, organized for exploration.

Where are the jobs? And where will the jobs be tomorrow? You will help yourself succeed by choosing a career in a field where demand is growing.

  • LMI (Labor Market Information) for Humboldt County
  • California Labor Market Information